Wrinkle Smoothing Injections (Using Azzalure)

Azzalure is an intensified protein, which is used to relax the muscle and prevent the ability for it to wrinkle. Previously this was used for medical purposes in particular for children suffering from muscular dystrophy as it relaxed the muscles, stopping them from twitching.

To date there has not been a single reported adverse incident fromits use and it is considered to be one of the lowest risk cosmetic treatments on the market. It lasts for three to four months and needs maintenance sessions thereafter, however the longer the treatment is kept up the less sessions will be required year on year.

There is huge media attention based around this treatment. We are an ageist society and more and more people want to fight of the signs of maturity and this is a simple way in which to minimise wrinkles.

As it relaxes the muscles, Azzalure is best used in the forehead and around the eyes where the muscles are more dynamic. Whilst it can be used to inject all over the face the best results for total wrinkle eradication are to combine dermal fillers and Azzalure together.

The forehead area can be divided into three separate treatment areas (glabella line in between the brows, crows feet around the eyes and brow lift) or the forehead can be treated as a whole.

Other areas that can be injected include the nose (technically called bunny lines), the under arm (Hyperhydrosis) this prevents sweating and the neck lines (technically platysmal bands).

Azzalure takes up to 14 days to kick in and therefore the wrinkle reduction is gradual. When injected by a good practitioner friends and family will notice you look fresher, well and bright. They should not be able to notice you have had something done just that you look refreshed. We are not looking to get a result that creates a flat, overstretched face (as seen on some celebrities). The risks are minimal and results are outstanding. Worst-case scenario any potential side effects are temporary with Azzalure. The side effects can include eye drooping and over relaxed muscles. However using an experienced injector extensively reduces these risks.

Minimising the risk

  • Use an experienced, qualified injector.
  • Use predominantly in the upper face.
  • Tailor-made dosages to suit the individuals muscle dynamics.