Waxing Hair Removal

We offer two types of waxing treatment at The Solent Medi Spa, warm wax and hot wax.

What is warm wax?

Warm wax is a honey consistency and is ideal for larger areas of the body where the hair is fine to medium in strength.
Hot wax is a much thicker wax which can be either coloured or a thicker honey consistency. Hot wax is ideal where the hairs are coarser such as intimate areas and for male waxing as the wax grips the hair only not the skin and can remove stubborn areas more easily. Hot wax is removed by the lifting a corner of the wax and the therapist flicks the wax off by hand. No strip is needed.

What can I expect during a warm wax treatment?

The skin is first prepared using a gentle ‘pre wax’ cleanser which removes any surface oils and cosmetic preparations. The wax is then applied with a disposable spatula and removed by pressing a disposable paper strip into the warm wax and a pulling the strip off against the hair growth in a quick, flicking movement. Large amounts of hair can be removed at the same time with minimal trauma to the skin due to the thinner consistency of the wax.

An after wax cream with tea tree antiseptic oil and lavender for soothing the skin is applied and gently massaged into the treated area.

What can I expect during a hot wax treatment?

Procedure is very similar to warm wax however a talc may be used to dry the skin first, the wax applied, allowed to cool for a moment and then is removed by hand not by a paper strip.

Will wax be left on my skin?

Your practitioner will endeavour to remove all wax during the treatment however if tiny traces are left on the skin this can be removed by soaking gently in tepid water as the wax is water soluble.

Does waxing hurt?

The sensation varies from person to person due to individual pain threshold. It feels like a sharp pull to the skin however treatment is fast, effective and once the strip is removed no further discomfort should be felt. Clients may experience a rush of warmth to the area treated and may have some red bumps where the follicle is temporarily inflamed due to the hair being removed.

How do I look after my skin after waxing?

We advise clients to wear loose clothing so as not to rub and agitate the skin. Avoid heat treatments including sauna, steam rooms, hot baths/showers for a couple of day. The use of perfumed cosmetic products is also not recommended for 24-48 hours post treatment. Don’t scratch or pick at the areas to prevent infection. Also swimming and exercise is not advised for 24-48 hours afterwards.

How often do I need to wax?

Approximately every 3-4 weeks to keep on top of the hair growth and to make the hairs weaker and finer. Hairs grow in three stages so the next stage of growth is lurking in the background waiting to come through! After waxing for a while the hair growth cycle slows down and longer can be left between waxing appointments.

How long do the hairs need to be before waxing?

We suggest at least two weeks of growth before we wax or approx. 3-4 mm of hair length in order for the wax to grip effectively. If growth is shorter then the areas may need to be treated twice and finished with plucking the shortest hairs which causes discomfort and unnecessary trauma to the skin.

How much does it cost?

Please refer to our treatment list which shows prices for each individual area. This price list can also be downloaded as a PDF.

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