Jo Townsend is a well-known Clairvoyant-Medium, Palmist and Wellbeing Therapist.

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Jo gets her psychic gift from her grandmother and has been working with it for over 20 years. Working with her spirit guides and other spirits that come to her. It’s nice to know that your loved ones are with you all the time and Jo feels privileged to be able to work with them.

Jo likes helping people with their problems and has been called by her clients a Psychic Therapist, helping them on a regular basis with their lives.

Jo has clients from America, Australia, France, Spain and the UK, she enjoys their diverse cultures and ways. Being a Wellbeing Therapist, Jo is a trained and qualified Past Life Therapist, Hypnotherapist, EFT Healer and Counsellor.

Jo enjoys using both her gifts of Clairvoyant-Medium and Well-being Therapist to help and assist her clients with their lives.

Clairvoyant-Medium & Palmist

Clairvoyant-Medium and Palmistry are psychic readings for guidance and reassurance that is unique to you and your questions. During your reading, you may have messages from loved ones who have passed.


Mindfulness brings pleasure and peacefulness back into your life. Learning to be mindful is a journey of self-discovery. Meditation practices teach us how to strip away the layers of anxiety and stress and push back the bombardment of unhealthy often negative brain chatter!!

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT works like emotional acupressure to quickly, gently and easily release the negative emotions and beliefs that are at the root of all our problems and pain.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a form of hypnosis that is used to help you discover why you may have moments of déjà vu and familiarity with people you have never met before. Past Life Regression is also a good way to move forward in your life.


Hypnotherapy is a gentle relaxing effective way of overcoming issues that may be holding you back from achieving your full potential and finding a contented fulfilment in your life.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is to balance the body’s natural energies to give you well-being, by channelling energy into the body to help to heal and boost the client.

Spiritual Counselling

Energy Healing is to balance the body’s natural energies to give you wellbeing, by channelling energy into the body to help to heal and boost the client.


Sarah Mottram MSc MCSP is the founding Director of The Movement Works.  The clinic was set up to provide a centre of excellence for movement assessment and training. Sarah’s expertise in this field comes from 25 years of clinical practice, teaching and research.

Sarah is an educator, clinician and researcher who has principally focused upon the influence of uncontrolled movement on the recurrence of pain and deficits in performance.

Sarah also offers specialist treatments at The Solent Medi Spa, 16 Westgate, Chichester.  To book please email or call The Solent Medi Spa 01243 579531

Sarah trained as a physiotherapist and in 1995 studied for a Masters of Science at University College London. She is a Director of Movement Performance Solutions, which through innovative evidence based solutions educates and trains sports, health and fitness professionals to better understand, prevent and manage musculoskeletal injury and pain that can impair movement and compromise performance in their patients, players and clients.

She lectures internationally for Kinetic Control and has developed The Performance Matrix with Mark Comerford.

Sarah is particularly interested in the integration of differing movement therapies as a means of retraining uncontrolled movement, something evident through her certification in Pilates, GYROTONIC® and the highly contemporary discipline ‘Garuda’. Sarah is a member of the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists.

As a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton she is actively involved in research on the shoulder and evaluating the assessment and retraining of uncontrolled movement. Sarah is the author of the text “Kinetic Control: The Management of Uncontrolled Movement” (Comerford & Mottram, 2012) – published by Elsevier and has published a range of papers.


What is Microblading?

Microblading is a Semi-Permanent tattoo. Microblading is done with a hand-held tool that implants pigment into the first few layers of the skin, but doesn’t go as deep as a tattoo would.

A patch test is required at least 24 hours before the procedure.

Your Microbladed eyebrows will last up to 18 months.

Around 4-6 weeks after your first appointment, you will need to go back for a touch-up, this cannot be done before 4 weeks as your brows may not be fully healed.

To have Microblading done you must be 6 months dormant from cancer and chemotherapy, you also cannot have it done if pregnant or nursing and you cannot be taking any blood thinners.

  • Do you suffer from Alopecia?
  • Do you always like to look your best?
  • Do you want fuller or thicker eyebrows?
  • Are you fed up with pencilling in your brows every day?!
  • Have you lost your eyebrows through Chemotherapy?
  • Do you want to Wake up with Makeup?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of the above, then Microblading is perfect for you! Natural results lasting up to 18 months! If you have suffered from cancer and lost your eyebrows, please feel free to contact me as I do a reduced price for this.

Sophie offers individual lash extensions for £40 and £25 infills.

To book an appointment:

Please call 07951 015057 or email her on


My name is Ros Norton and I am an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist working in the Chichester, Emsworth near Portsmouth and the West Sussex area. With over 20 years nursing experience and training from Harley Street specialists, I can provide a range of facial aesthetic treatments.

I will personally look after you, from initial consultation, throughout your treatments and your follow-up care. I want to ensure you feel comfortable at every stage of the process, and therefore offer a no obligation consultation. Just come and have a chat with me and we will discuss what your options are, along with the potential results they can bring.

I can also answer any questions you may have about skin rejuvenation, dermal fillers, Dermaroller™ and medical clinical skin peels.  Your privacy and the confidential nature of your treatments will never be compromised.

I also provide specialist treatments such as Botox, fillers and medical grade chemical peels at The Solent Medi Spa Chichester.

Please call 07889 009641 or email to book an appointment.


Morag Bouterse is a qualified homeopath and Colonic Hydrotherapist working in Chichester & Steyning in West Sussex

I first discovered homeopathy when my first child was born in 1998. He suffered with chronic eczema and seeking an alternative to steroid cream, I took him to a professional homeopath. His eczema soon cleared up and I was so impressed that I completed a First Aid Homeopathy course and began treating my family’s common ailments. I then went on to study for 4 years at The South Downs School of Homeopathy in Chichester, West Sussex, and graduated in 2009.

My approach is warm, friendly, sympathetic and down to earth. I enjoy getting to know my patients and working with them to improve their health and vitality. I encourage them to take an active role in their healthcare by offering advice on diet and lifestyle, where appropriate. I passionately believe in homeopathy as an alternative system of healing, but at the same time recognise that some people prefer to use homeopathy to complement conventional treatment. I hope you will try it and discover for yourself the wonderful benefits it can offer.

I am insured with full professional and public liability insurance, a member of The Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH) and also a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

During my time practicing homeopathy it became obvious that diet and nutrition played a pivotal role in the overall health of my patients. As a result I began researching nutrition further and the unquestionable link between sensible eating habits and good health. As Hippocrates himself stated “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” It was at this point that I decided to train as a Colonic Hydrotherapist. I was very lucky to be trained by Dr. Milo Siewert at the National College of Colon Hydrotherapy. He introduced the treatment into the UK in the 1980’s and its popularity and availability is due to him.

As a nation we spend millions of pounds every year on improving our looks with cosmetic surgery, dental enhancement, plastic surgery, make-up and hair styling, but how much time do we spend on our internal health? I believe that if we look after the inside of our bodies, then we shall shine on the outside!

I now feel more energetic and vibrant in my forties than ever before, and look forward to an exciting and healthy future. I also feel that we all need to go at our own pace and I can support and encourage you to do this. Even small steps are better than none at all! Quick fixes don’t work and it is far better to introduce life changes slowly.

I practice Colonic Hydrotherapy at The Solent Medi Spa 16 Westgate, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 3EU. Tel: 01243 539571


A natural path to healing

Homeopathy has been well established in England for over two hundred years, having been developed by a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843).

It is one of the most gentle, effective and sympathetic forms of healing. It is a holistic therapy, which means that it takes into consideration the individual as a whole.

Homeopathy addresses the underlying cause of an illness and does not work to suppress symptoms. Instead, remedies work from within to strengthen the body’s immune system and restore health, which can lead to increased levels of well-being.

When we are healthy, as well as experiencing good physical health, we can enjoy a sense of well-being, a feeling of personal freedom and an ability to withstand stress.


Homeopathic treatment involves obtaining a complete picture of the patient. Homeopathy respects everyone as an individual and understands that each person is unique and will respond to disease or stress in different ways, both physically and emotionally. For example, one person may be tearful with their stress, another angry.

So, rather than one standard treatment for a particular illness, such as the prescription of an antibiotic, in homeopathy patients will need different remedies for the same condition, depending on their personal response to their illness. For that reason, to find the correct remedy individually suited to the patient, many factors must be taken into account. Initial consultations therefore, can take up to 1 ½ hours.


Homeopathic remedies are made from a variety of materials including plant, mineral and animal substances, diluted many times to minute doses. They act to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms, a bit like jump starting your car, thereby allowing the body to heal itself and strengthen its vitality. Our bodies are naturally self-regulating. When we are cold we shiver, which helps us to warm up. When we have an infection, our body can develop a temperature, which will kill off the bugs.

Ideally, we should be able to withstand any stresses that come our way and naturally heal ourselves. Sometimes we can become unbalanced and at those times, we can become ill or ‘dis-eased’. This can be triggered by many different factors: lack of sleep, stress, arguments, shock, bereavement, relationship problems, anxiety and pollution to name but a few.

At times like these, homeopathic remedies can be prescribed to help regain that balance and bring order back to the body.
Being healthy is more than just an absence of disease. When we are healthy, as well as experiencing good physical health, we can enjoy a sense of well-being, a feeling of personal freedom and an ability to withstand stress.

Homeopathy can help you to realise this and I would encourage you to try it.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

As we all know, your health is your wealth.

People spend millions of pounds every year on improving the outside of their bodies leaving little thought about what is happening on the inside.

Those who do not find some time every day for health must sacrifice a lot of time one day for illness.

We are bombarded by the information about what we should and shouldn’t eat. How much water we should drink, how to stay young and happy or what a person’s weight should be. Is being vegetarian a good thing for everyone? Is sashimi and miso the new miracle diet?

Finding your own way in the labyrinth of facts, figures and assumptions is sometimes very difficut and can be confusing for us. For many people, digestive health is a matter of great concern, and many women and men suffer from constipation, diarrhoea, IBS, bloating, itching and other complaints that just won’t go away.

“We are what we eat” is a popular saying but it is much closer to the truth to say that “we are what we absorb, assimilate and how effectively we eliminate”. The aim of colonic hydrotherapy is to achieve all of these factors. You can’t be truly happy and healthy whilst dragging around stale and stagnant waste in your colon!

Everyone will have a gap in their diet, so don’t despair if you can’t eat everything you need to become and stay healthy. Remember, it is not what you do occasionally that effects your health, it is what you do every day.

Blushing Britons

Bowel health is not an issue that we as a nation, discuss freely. The various discomforts that many Britons suffer from are simply not addressed in the media or within social circles to the same degree as other conditions, such as cancer or heart disease. Discussing the state of your bowels over dinner is simply not British and you are pretty much guaranteed to receive fewer invitations! It is not surprising therefore, that colonic hydrotherapy has become a somewhat taboo subject, which few people have a knowledge and understanding of. Colonic hydrotherapy does not deserve to be cast into the darkness any more as its benefits are truly cleansing and will make a difference to your well being.


Lisa has been a therapist for 15 years, specialising in Holistic practice as well as some beauty and sports remedial massage. My main aim to help people feel at ease and comfortable from within.

We all live in such hectic schedules these days and it is really important to allow time for ourselves, whether this is a regular treatment or a wax or threading from time to time.

Lisa also specialises in sound healing, using Crystal Alchemy singing bowls. These bowls are very special as they resonate with the human’s brain wave frequency. This enables us to relax to a much deeper state.

The bowls can help detox the mind, body and spirit.  They can be used as a set alone treatment or can be included in any of Lisa’s holistic sessions.

As well as being an Aromatherapist, Lisa is currently studying the art of natural perfumery. This will enable her, in time, to create bespoke perfumes and products used by natural essential oils.

A blend of oils are made for every client when having a massage with Lisa.

Lisa also has skills in Hot stone massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Thai herbal compress, Indian head massage, sports and remedial massage, threading, tinting and waxing.

Lisa can make you feel healthy from within as well as on the outside.


What is Cryo-Sculpting?

The scientific process is called Cryolipolysis.

Cryo (freezing) – Lipolysis (break down of fats). Literally “Fat Freezing”.

Its unlikely evolution began when researchers at Harvard University noticed that children who eat a lot of ice lollies tend to have dimples!

It seemed – and turns out to be exactly that – that the cold was selectively freezing fat pockets in the cheeks.

So, they “did the math” and set about their research in search for the ultimate fat-reduction technique!

How Does Cryolipolysis Work?

To date, over 60 clinical trials have been conducted proving that this process is extremely effective – with 85% client satisfaction.

The fat cells are vacuumed into a “cryo head”, which separates them from the rest of the surrounding area. This allows the “freezing” to be selective to that area only.

Then the “cryo head” is set to a specific temperature and the fat cells held there with the vacuum pressure are cooled to between -5°C and -10°C.  Studies show this is the perfect temperature for killing fat cells.

The secret to all this is the fact that fat freezes at a higher temperature than water and other bodily tissues. Therefore it is not only selective in its function, but also safe to surrounding areas.

What happens to the fat cells?

They are crystallized. Frozen. This process is called Apoptosis.

Similar to when water becomes ice and then has a different molecular structure.

This temperature reduction literally freezes them so they are no longer able to function and they literally die off and are eliminated from the body through its own natural metabolic processes.

This sounds scary until you consider that – all day, every day – your body is eliminating dead cells of all sorts from your body.

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Dr Frances Jack BDS, a qualified dentist; who is able to carry out advanced facial aesthetics work, particularly involving Botox, Teeth Whitening, Dermal Fillers and Skin Peels.

Dr Jack has worked in Portsmouth and Fareham as a General Dentist Practitioner over the last 22 years. She has been treating clients with Botox for the last 10 years.

Dr Jack is a member of:

  • British Dental Association BDA
  • British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry BACD
  • General Dental Council GDC
  • Association of Dental Implantology ADI
  • International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics
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