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Natasha first qualified as a Holistic practitioner in 2004, passionate about treating the individual with a keen interest in pain management she currently offers the following therapies:

Chinese Medicine Acupuncture uses fine single-use sterile needles which are inserted in precise locations along the meridian pathways to promote free-flow of qi and restore equilibrium within the body.

Aromatherapy massage is the therapeutic use of organic essential oils absorbed both through the skin and nose; using Swedish massage techniques to promote circulation and ease muscle tension and inhaled through the nasal membranes which is believed to directly affect the limbic system.

Reflexology involves light alternating pressure over specific reflex zones or areas of the feet and ankles (in addition to hands and ears) to stimulate localised circulation clear toxins and disperse accumulations of uric acid and calcium in order to promote homeostasis.

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Mobile: 07895 288194


Reiki £42 per hour

Sports Massage £60 per hour

Swedish Full Body Massage £50 per hour

Ruth has been working as a qualified practitioner since 2016. Ruth first discovered her passion for holistic therapies during her time traveling in Nepal and India. She has travelled world wide with her work and has worked on TV shows such as The Jump and Dancing on Ice.

Ruth has treated an array of international clients including many high profile celebrities.

Ruth is based in Chichester.

SPORTS MASSAGE: This is a form of massage involving the manipulation of soft tissues to benefit a person engaged on physical activity. It is designed to assist in correcting problems an imbalances in soft tissue that are cause by strenuous and repetitive physical activity and trauma.

SWEDISH MASSAGE: This focuses on overall relaxation, circulation and physical and mental wellness. Swedish massage is one of the best ways to boost seratonin levels and raise your good normal levels. It included kneading, tapping, stretching, cross-fiction strokes.

REIKI: Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It is administered by using hands on or above the body, working with the unseen’ life force energy’ which flows through everyone. The treatment makes you feel like a there is glowing radiance flowing through and around you.

Reiki treats the whole person, mind, body, emotions, spirit, promoting relaxation, tranquillity, security, metal and physical wellbeing.

Mobile: 07970 743219