Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

Why do I have this hair growth?

Unwanted hair growth can be caused by several factors including genetic pre disposition, certain medications and hormonal changes

What is the best method of hair removal for me?

Electrolysis works best on sparse, terminal hair growth in smaller areas such as the chin, neck and lip. For larger areas other methods of hair removal may be more suited such as Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal or waxing and threading.

What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a method of removing individual hairs permanently from the face or body using a fine probe. The probe is inserted down the hair follicle, a short burst of electrical energy is applied which cauterises and damages the hair producing structures beneath the skin and the hair is lifted out of the follicle using tweezers.

Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Treatments in Southsea and Chichester

What can I expect during a treatment?

Initially we carry out a full consultation (free of charge) to ascertain your suitability for treatment and advise of the best method of hair removal for you as well as check your medical history. A treatment plan will be discussed and the cost explained.

During a treatment session we wipe the skin with a cooling antiseptic solution to remove any make up and surface bacteria. A fine disposable probe no wider than a strand of hair is loaded into a pen type device from a sterile packet. The client lies down on a treatment bed and the practitioner will use a magnifying lamp to ensure maximum visibility for an effective treatment. The probe is inserted into a follicle, a burst of electrical energy is realised and the hair is lifted away using tweezers.

Does electrolysis hurt?

Although not particularly uncomfortable, a sharp ‘nip’ can be felt similar to an insect bite followed by a rush of warmth in the treated area. Pain threshold varies from person to person, some clients fall asleep, others are more sensitive however electrolysis is performed in short sessions of 5-15 minutes therefore any discomfort is short lived!

How do I know the treatment is hygienic?

Hygiene is so important to us. A safe, effective treatment comes from a professional protocol approved by the manufacturers, insurance companies and industry standards as well as our own standards.

  1. A sterile, disposable probe is used for each individual client and treatment therefore there is no risk of cross contamination.
  2. The skin is wiped with an antiseptic solution called Steritane to remove any surface bacteria and synthetic products.
  3. Your practitioner will have sanitised their hands and will wear gloves.
  4. Tweezers are kept in a barbicide solution which is known to destroy any bacteria and virus such as hepatitis and HIV in ten minutes of immersion. Any consumables such as cotton wool and tissues are of course single use and the cover on the bed is changed between clients.
  5. Post treatment, a thin layer of aloe vera or witch hazel gel is applied to soothe and protect the skin
  6. Probes are disposed of in a medical sharps bin and these are replaced regularly by a licensed, approved waste provider.

How many treatments will I need?

This really depends on two factors, the cause of the hair growth and the size of the area to be treated.

If the hair growth is caused by a hormonal imbalance then progress is slower as although we can effectively treat the actively growing hair, hormones may stimulate dormant follicles and cause them to start producing hairs therefore more treatments will be needed. This is particularly so in women with hair growth on the lip chin and neck.

We also leave a healing gap between hairs to prevent infection and over-heating the structures below the skin therefore not all hairs unless they are spread out can be treated in one session. Of course larger areas may not be treated in one session due to the number of hairs involved. Normally a 10-15 minute session is sufficient each time to make significant progress.

Once a hair is treated, does it disappear forever?

Each hair may need to be treated 2-3 times before it disappears completely. This is due to the hair growth cycle. Electrolysis treatment is only effective when the hair is actively growing and all the structures are connected below the skin. We call this stage ‘Anagen’ and only 10-15% of your hairs are ever in this stage at any one time. If hairs are treated in another stage of growth they will grow back however they will be weaker and finer as the previous treatment will have caused heat damage slowing down the hairs ability to grow.

How do I choose an electrologist?

A qualified electrologist will have spent two years at least at an accredited college to learn this specialised technique. Training includes extensive physiological knowledge about the structure of the skin, hair growth, the endocrine system, health and safety and correct technique. Many hours of practical training on models is carried out to ensure a safe, effective treatment. Training concluded in a written and practical exam to ensure competence. Once qualified and having had at least two years of experience, our therapists can then go on to complete advanced electrolysis training to remove facial thread veins, skin tags and milia.

All therapists offering this treatment must be licensed with the local council, insured and fully qualified. Please ask to see the treatment licensing when choosing a practitioner to ensure that you are in the best of hands.
How much does it cost?

Costs range from £7 for 5 minutes to £34 for 30 minutes

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