Carbon Facial Rejuvenation

*Also known as ‘Hollywood Facial’ or ‘China Doll’.

*A revolutionary painless non-invasive anti-ageing procedure.

*Each treatment at ‘Reversal’ includes two passes: 1st pass-the skin is coated in carbon paste, when dried it is removed by the light-wave laser passing over your skin. this part of the procedure is the peel. 2nd pass- no paste applied and the light-wave laser is passed over the skin once again, this part of the process has a deeper penetration and reaches the collagen layer to active the rejuvenation and anti-ageing process.

*Effects are immediate with instant glowing results.

*Ideal for men and women.

*No down-time.

*Recommended single treatment 24-48 hrs prior to special event or for longer more effective results, a course of 6 treatment is recommended (1 per month).

Fat loss and body sculpting cavitation treatments - Southsea & Chichester


FREE: Consultation and Patch Test are compulsory prior to first full treatment

£80 per treatment

Course of 3 – £195

Course of 6 – £385


To book please call 07892 713973 or email:

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