CACI Non Surgical Facelift

The word CACI means computer aided cosmetology instrument. The CACI treatment has had over 20 years of medical research behind it and is completely safe and painless. It is the original non surgical face and body lifting treatment devised by Dr Thomas Wing in the United States. Originally the treatment was used to treat patients for Bells Palsy and strokes as well as muscular injury, pain relief and for post burns treatment.

CACI uses a micro current which tones, lifts and re-educates the muscles back to their original position. By lifting the muscle, the sag of the skin is also corrected and deep and fine lines are improved as well as skin tone and hydration levels. The client feels very little if anything, there is no visible muscle contraction.

Advantages of micro current

  1. Increases Adenosine Tri Phosphate levels- a chemical reaction in the body which provides muscle energy giving a feeling of well being
  2. Increases fibroblast activity by up to 60%
  3. Increases protein synthesis by up to 73% (plumps and rejuvenates muscle)
  4. Increases membrane transport (cell permeability) by 30-40% (rehydrates skin and retains moisture better)
  5. Is virtually subsensory (client feels very little and there is no visible muscle contraction)
  6. It has beneficial healing effects (helps to heal scars and blemishes)
  7. Can be used around the eye area

The treatment lasts an hour and includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, lifting procedure, massage and a treatment mask.

Recommended in a course of 10 treatments (£468 including 10% discount or £52 individually) 3 sessions in the first week then 2 sessions per week thereafter. Upon completion of the course, a monthly maintenance session is recommended.

*Please note neck treatments are to be carried out AFTER the 8th treatment only. This is because the muscles are much stronger and will pull weakened facial muscles down if they are not strengthened first.

*The typical electrical facial contra indications apply: Pacemaker, epilepsy, pregnancy, skin disease, metal plates or pins in the direct area, recent scar tissue, open or irritated skin in the area to be treated.

There are four stages to a CACI treatment

1. Gliding Golgi lifting

This is the most important stage and must be carried out accurately to obtain the maximum lift. Unlike other non-surgical machines the CACI does not stimulate motor points but communicates with the Golgi tendon. This tendon is present in every muscle and is responsible for keeping muscles toned and healthy. In order to reach the tendon the probes and roller bar must grab the belly of the muscle and the position held for five seconds. This stage takes approx. 20 minutes to complete.

2. ETR (enhancement of tissue repair)

ETR technique has amazing healing effects and is used in burns units of hospitals. Recent scar tissue fine lines and blemishes can be greatly improved. A combination of pads and probes are used during this technique.

3. Quickstroke

This technique is a reminder to the muscles of what was performed during the gliding golgi technique.

4. Feathering

Skin tissue work using a single polarity. Apply eye product and moisturiser and use the electrical polarity to push the active products into the skin.

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