Spa Treatments

The Natural Spa Factory was started by husband and wife team, Jeremy and Emma in 2009. The company now supplies some of world’s most prestigious spas, boutique hotels and independent retailers with insanely good products that have exquisite ingredients and are made in small batches to keep them in their best condition. Their products are made either here in the UK or in the home of scent – France. The gender-neutral packaging is minimal and recyclable where possible using glass for that extra special touch

The Natural Spa Company use botanically sourced ingredients derived by nature like herbs, plants and flowers and try to avoid as many nasties as possible. Their products are FREE FROM any Parabens, SLS, MI (Methylisothiazolinone) or MCI and they have not been tested on animals.

Body Treatments


Pure Balance Massage Therapy

Using perfectly balanced pre- blended oils by The Natural Spa Factory. Each massage is completely tailor made to suit you. Includes a peppermint foot ritual (please add a £10 surcharge for upgrade to thermal  stones).

Choose from:

  • Invigorating
  • Calming
  • Detoxifying
  • Mum to be

30 minutes | £32         60 minutes | £52          90 minutes | £77

Aromatherapy Body Salt Scrub

30 minutes | £32

An invigorating treatment to revive dull skin and improve circulation. A perfect pre-treatment to any massage.

Choose from:

  • Lime & Lemongrass
  • Rose Garden
  • Colombian Coffee

Body Wraps


Mocha Body Shot (Salt Scrub & Massage)             

60 minutes | £57

Stimulating Colombian Rush coffee scrub followed by a warming wax trickle cocoa candle massage to buff and stimulate skin and ensconce in warm decadent oils for a deliciously smooth feeling. Take the rest of the candle home with you to continue your spa experience!

Chai Tea Latte (Salt Scrub, Wrap & Massage)          

90 minutes | £77

Spicy cardamom infused Colombian Rush coffee scrub to stimulate the skin followed by a full body four tea wrap to detox and tone the skin. Finished with an invigorating shot of clove, ginger, marjoram and spearmint oil to hydrate and soothe muscles.

Golden Equilibrium (Salt Scrub, Wrap & Facial

75 minutes | £77

A full body therapy cultivated with gold, caviar, grape leaf and pearl extract. Enjoy a full body exfoliation with gold and caviar body scrub, envelopment in gold grape leaf, luxury gold skin mask and gold infused finishing oils. Leaves skin feeling decadent and delicately scented with amber.

Tired Back Bliss (scrub, back wrap and hot stone massage)

60 minutes £57

A stimulating exfoliation on the back and back of the legs using Colombian coffee scrub, application of our warm four tea wrap on the back to detox and tone the skin and deep muscle hot stone massage to relieve tired legs, back neck and shoulders


Ultrasonic Cavitation

Cavitation therapy is a cellulite and fat reducing treatment. It is a non-invasive treatment based on sound waves which ‘shake’ micro bubbles out of the liquid found in the fat tissue. These micro bubbles accumulate, implode and collapse turning the fat cells into liquid form which is then removed naturally through the lymphatic system.

Areas that can be treated: Stomach, waist, thighs, lower legs (calf only) buttocks. Suitable for both men and women.

  • Reduces localised fat and cellulite.
  • Sculpts targeted problem areas
  • Tightens, firms and lifts the skin
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production in the skin
  • Aids lymphatic drainage, eliminating toxins and excess water in the body

Frequency: Twice a week for courses plus once a month for maintenance.

Fat loss and body sculpting cavitation treatments - Southsea & Chichester

Fat Freezing Body Sculpting

Fat loss and body sculpting cavitation treatments - Southsea & Chichester

An intensive, results-driven treatment to sculpt problem fatty areas such as the dreaded ‘love handles’ ‘mummy tummy’ and back fat using Cryolipolysis technology.

Problem areas are treated using ‘paddles’ placed on the skin over a membrane. This super cooling technology effectively targets fat bulges in a gradual process without harming the surrounding tissue. Fat cells damaged by the ultra-low temperatures are re-absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system and disposed of naturally.

Once these damaged fat cells have been removed, they cannot return however the best long-term results are achieved when treatment is taken in conjunction with a sensible balanced diet and regular exercise as part of an ongoing healthy lifestyle.

£120 first area

£100 for a second area (at the same time)

2-3 treatments recommended in each area to achieve desired result.

Course of 3 on 1 area £325

Course of 3 on 2 areas £595

Like many aesthetic treatments, Cryolipolysis comes from a medical background when two Harvard scientists discovered cold induced fat reduction in the cheeks of children who sucked ice pops!

The first cryolipolysis machine was produced in 2010 under the trademark ‘CoolSculpting’ and was FDA approved for the reduction of body fat.

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. The low temperatures cause the natural cell death of unwanted fat cells in targeted areas with no downtime i.e. the client can return to normal routine straight away after treatment.

Clinical studies show 20-40% reduction in fat cells after one session. These fat cells are permanently destroyed and results are maintained when combined with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.

The average person of normal weight has around three layers of fat cells, in moderation fat cells are vital to protect our organs and to insulate our bodies. When a person gains weight these fat cells swell and when they cannot expand any more they divide leaving six layers of fat instead. This cycle repeats as long as the person is over eating. When you diet the fat cells shrink but the number of cells remains the same. Fat freezing permanently kills these fat cells reducing the overall number of fat cells in the body.


  1. Reduces stubborn bulges that are immune to diet and exercise
  2. Technology reduces temperature in fat cells causing cell death
  3. Surrounding tissue is undamaged
  4. The immune system sweeps away the damaged tissue naturally
  5. Fat layer thickness is reduced

Cryolipolysis can be used on the following areas:

  1. Love handles
  2. Abdominal pouches on upper and lower abdomen
  3. Hips
  4. Inner thighs
  5. Backs of thighs
  6. Back of the arms (bingo wings)
  7. Waist
  8. Excess fat in male chest
  9. Back fat
  10. Sides of knees