Dermalogica Body Treatments

Body exfoliation

A customised treatment to either energise or relieve stress. This therapy polishes skin while providing the hydration and nourishment your skin needs. Your therapist will choose from either a mineral salt scrub or oatmeal and rice bran therapy to create the ultimate skin result.


Power recovery body wrap

A blend of honey and wheat protein hydrates while ginger and white tea stimulates circulation to promote healthy skin. Essential oil blends in a massage medium offer aromatherapeutic benefits while nut, olive and grape seed oils provide antioxidant protection.


Nourishing sea mud body wrap

Natural earth clays draw out impurities while tropical asian ginger and white tea stimulates circulation and smoothes skin.


Fizzing cocoa beans body wrap

Leaves skin wonderfully nourished skin while the gentle fizzing formulation fights against the ageing process. Includes a full body exfoliation using sweet chocolate and vanilla salt scrub and a relaxing massage using a luxurious vanilla and almond massage oil.


Cavitation cellulite treatment

A non-invasive machine based treatment for the tummy, hips and thighs using sound waves to remove micro bubbles found in fat tissue. The bubbles implode turning fat cells into a liquid form which is removed naturally through the lymphatic system. Sculpting, detoxifying and invigorating.


Relaxing full body massage

Aching muscles and fatigued body? Your therapist will ease away tensions and stress while improving blood and lymphatic circulation and enhancing skin glow using either a stress relief, energising or pure massage oil to nourish skin and invigorate mind and body.


De-Stress back, neck and shoulder massage

Wind down and take your mind away from your troubles. A massage dedicated to the tension in problem areas.


Indian head massage

An ancient massage ritual using the power of aromatherapy and pressure point massage to maintain the natural health of your hair and scalp and to promote deep relaxation.


Warm thermal stone massage

A glorious treatment using a beautiful combination of customised aromatherapy oils and warm lava stones to infuse warmth into areas of tension. Soothing and deeply relaxing.


Thermal Thai stamp massage

Utilises a unique fabric stamp with therapeutic ingredients and gentle heat to detoxify and exfoliate. The deep manipulations along the pressure points and energy meridian relieves aching muscles.


New beginnings pregnancy pamper

A relaxing, skin conditioning and supporting treatment for mums to be. Suitable from the 2nd Trimester. Using grapeseed oil, ginger, pettigrain, sweet orange and mandarin- the gentlest, kindest softest skin ingredients to ease aches and pains safely during pregnancy. Includes a gentle exfoliation, massage of the legs, back, face and scalp followed by a luxurious application of body butter specially formulated for mums to be!


Warm cocoa candle massage

A decadent alternative to traditional massage, this warming treatment nourishes the body and soul. Based on soya wax, the warm, smooth consistency and heavenly scent will deeply relieve tension in the muscles and mind.

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